Free Webinar: Leverage Location-Based Targeting in your Digital Agency – Show ROI, Prove Out Sales, and More!

Location Based Targeting – “Be in the right place, at the right time, every time.”

By Brock Berry

Date: 5/23 at 9am MT (11am ET)

How do you leverage hyper location based targeting, or Device ID, into your digital marketing strategy? Mobile data is highly effective in reaching your target audience and AdCellerant offers a seamless solution to take advantage of this technology.

Device ID is a geo-fencing target strategy based on where devices have been seen at a location in the past. This technology uses each device’s unique mobile ID number to target consumers. Device ID is a great way to drive awareness and traffic to your website. With Device ID options such as Point of Interest Attribution reporting, we can tell how many devices entered into your brick and mortar store. We are taking ROI to a new level to provide you the best of programmatic advertising while driving tangible results.

AdCellerant’s insights and capabilities are unmatched in the industry. During this webinar, we will go into in-depth detail about Device ID targeting and how it is changing the game for digital advertising. We will also discuss potential scenarios of what DID can do for your business. The best part? This is a FREE webinar.

Please join us at 9:00am Mountain Time on Wednesday, May 23rd at