Targeted Display

We leverage a world-class programmatic team with expertise in programmatic media buying, best-in-class technology utilization, optimization consultation, and execution. Inventory quality is at the crux of this strategy, neutralizing digital threats and eliminating them from our ecosystem.

Core Targeting Options

Assumptive Data – This is what has been the bread and butter of data for years. Things we typically lump into this are Behavioral Targeting, Category Targeting, Keyword Targeting, Demo Targeting, etc.

Data providers such as Blue Kai, Exelate and others used structured data that’s gleaned from user actions to make assumptions on a consumer’s intent to buy. These include things such as web browsing activities, search history, content consumed, etc.

Volunteer Data ( – This is data that’s gleaned from social interactions and similar social channels. It’s always information that is voluntarily disclosed by the specific consumer.

This is data we have on consumers that’s based on things they voluntarily tell us such as “I’m hungry” or “We’re pregnant” or “In a relationship.”

Geo Assumptive Data (new tool/data set we’re introducing soon) – This is targeting based on people’s current, past or potential location.

We use assumptions based on the specific device, where it’s been, where it’s going, etc. to assume they’re shopping for something or perhaps they like organic food, etc.

Known Data (IP Targeting as an example) – Known data is leveraging information we know to be true about a consumer.

We can source past purchases, credit history, bought a home, moving, etc. to target consumers based on “known” data.

Device ID Targeting

Spatiotemporal device ID targeting is at the heart of this best-in-class technology, but that’s only the beginning. Build your audience around a geographic behavior, follow their device, match it to their home, get their families, their laptops, and everyone else who acts like they do.


Hyper-local, high-performance real-time mobile geofencing down to a meter accuracy.

Inventory Quality

Quality Inventory is at the heart of everything we do, regardless of the targeting strategy or product mix.

DSP Protective Measures

  • Curated and tiered inventory partner selection
  • IAB Compliance
  • Algorithmic seller quality identification
  • Site and seller viewability indexing
  • Dynamically maintained site and IP blocking

AdCellerant Campaign Management Practices

  • Regularly Curated White and Black site lists
  • Prioritized Quantcast top 5,000 sitelist prioritization
  • Algorithmic bid modification and inventory selection
  • Prioritized “Above the fold” positioning
  • Prioritized day parting of 5AM – Midnight
  • Audience optimization
  • Methodology for automatically and manually flagging and identifying suspicious ad engagement

Third-Party pre-bid and post-delivery Verification

Brand Safety

  • Exclude mature, objectionable, and questionable content
  • Exclude torrent, toolbar, and parked domains

Page Quality

  • Viewability > 60% likelihood to be viewed by user
  • Exclude pages with more than 6 ads per page

Top Tier Data partnerships

  • Consumer data
  • IP Address indexing
  • Device ID indexing
  • Behavioral Data