Knowledge Base

Digital advertising, how it works, how it should be sold, has its own “Moore’s Law” changing so fast it can be difficult to keep up. AdCellerant’s platform includes a free training library full of videos, written content, documentation, case studies and more allowing our team and yours to keep with this blinding change.

What is Knowledge Base

AdCellerant’s Knowledge Base is an online learning center created by the talented team at AdCellerant. The learning center contains video content, written content, tests, certification opportunities, and at minimum an easy way to stay up to speed on what’s new in digital marketing. This free resources offers sales teams, operations teams, and marketers the opportunity to educate themselves with short videos, tests, and more. Leverage Knowledge Base to make sure your staff are all Digital Marketing Ninjas.


AdCellerant offers all of the in-person and webex content typically provided by digital marketing companies in the form of online videos. Now your team can take advantage of training in the comfort of their owns homes. Online training is the future of knowledge transfer and your AdCellerant partnership includes this at no additional expense.


Certifications are a great way to confirm knowledge has been absorbed and is ready for future use. AdCellerant’s knowledge based includes relationships with groups like Google where your team can become GoogleAds certified, AdWords certified, and more.


People learn through various forms of training and content. Offering your team assessments and reporting on performance is a key feature in understanding how the team is absorbing everything they are hearing in training. AdCellerant’s assessment program starts in Q1 2019.


Teams change, people change, and there will always be a new eager person on your team. Knowledge Base offers a simple way to train up a new hire without worrying about scheduling hours of webexs or flying them to Denver for an in person training.


We want all of the teams we work with to achieve a baseline knowledge of digital marketing but we know many team members want more. Knowledge Base offers advanced skills options so those thirsty for more have a resource to continue growing their own personal base of knowledge.


When online isn’t enough the AdCellerant team is always offering custom courses, content, and training. You can contact your Account Manager to organize these custom classes, taking advantage of AdCellerant’s dedicated training resources.

Learn more about how you, your company, and your clients can scale high quality digital marketing solutions without the challenge of building it yourself.

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