Software Applications

Tools and technology are what makes scaling local advertising campaigns possible. AdCellerant’s tools will simplify the two most difficult parts of local digital advertising, the sales process and the reporting process. We take care of everything in between as well if you need help.

AdCellerant’s technology platform, UI.Marketing, automates the planning, buying, and reporting of local digital marketing campaigns across Programmatic, Native, Email Marketing, ConnectedTV, Streaming Radio, GeoFencing, Video, Paid Search, and Organic Search. AdCellerant and UI.Marketing allows even the least digital savvy team’s to become digital marketing experts in the matter of a few weeks. Request a demo today to learn more about the platform and how AdCellerant can help your team become digital marketing experts today.

Learning management platform designed to make learning simple and easy to execute for an entire team, division, and company. Elevates your teams digital acumen and grows them professionally through learning.

Recommendation engine using Google, The Trade Desk, and many other 3rd parties to plan goal based, industry specific proposals in real time.

Multiplatform, white label, dashboard, making reporting easy and scalable. Now you can combine all of your disparate reporting systems into a single cohesive reporting environment.

Combines the sales process, fulfillment, and reporting into a single tool kit. UI.Marketing is the aggregate execution of knowledge base, proposals, and reports in a single user interface.

Learn more about how you, your company, and your clients can scale high quality digital marketing solutions without the challenge of building it yourself.

  • Industry Leading, Award Winning Platform
  • 100’s of Advertiser Case Studies
  • Powerful, Award Winning, Reporting Dashboard
  • Industry Leading Customer Service Team
  • Access to Knowledgebase an Industry Leading Training Center
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