About Us

AdCellerant is a digital advertising and technology company focused on making quality digital marketing accessible to every business. AdCellerant achieves this goal by partnering with local marketers, media companies, agencies and channel sales organizations helping them leverage AdCellerant’s proprietary advertising software platform UI.Marketing.

“People work better when they know what the goal is and why. It is important that people look forward to coming to work in the morning and enjoy working.”

– Elon Musk

our story

AdCellerant was started in November 2013 as a fledgling company by Brock Berry, Shelby Carlson and John Chamberlin. The 3 founders started with the end in mind. They wanted to make quality digital marketing accessible to all businesses. In the last 4 years, the team has grown to over 25 team members, executing campaigns in 5 countries, over 200 markets, for 10,000’s of small business marketers. This success was not achieved over night it was achieved by executing every day, hitting campaign goals and delivering on the promises the company makes. Now in its 4th year AdCellerant is an award winning, nationally recognized company focused on the local marketing space.

UI.Marketing is an award-winning digital advertising platform that creates, executes and reports digital marketing plans based on industry, campaign goals, objectives. This one of a kind platform creates efficiencies for everyone involved and delivers unparalleled campaign results.

Company Culture

We believe company culture starts with the ethereal goal to prioritizing the team ahead of profits, ahead of cost management, ahead of everything internal to the business. This prioritization leads quickly into specifics of how to ensure every day can be a good day at the office. When your employees are completely immersed in the same interests as your company, the culture propels itself forward almost on its own. Culture that is owned and driven by the same people puts value in their voices.


AdCellerant is committed to strengthening our neighborhood and wherever we do business. We have a shared passion to provide a helping hand and create meaningful opportunities that can strengthen individuals and communities.

Throughout the year, we dedicate our time and energy to create positive change in our community. We encourage our team members to lead and participate in projects that align to key areas of focus, including support of opportunity youth, environmental impact and alleviating hunger.