Programmatic Streaming Radio

Reach your target audience with programmatic streaming radio advertising. Music is everywhere in today’s society, it is with us when we get up in the morning, go to work, sit at our desks, go to the gym, while we eat, and everywhere in-between. Is there a better way to touch your target audience?

What is Streaming Radio?

At AdCellerant, it is easy to introduce non-skippable, brand safe programmatic audio advertising to your hyper local marketing campaigns. AdCellerant’s Programmatic Streaming Radio allows you to choose inventory by age, gender, location, musical interest, or 3rd party data. Streaming Radio through AdCellerant allows you to run traditional radio campaigns while also receiving the benefit of real-time decision reporting, conversion metrics, cross device targeting, and omni channel optimization. Tap into radio budgets with these exciting new tools and digital marketing solutions.

How do AdCellerant Partners leverage Streaming Radio?

AdCellerant partners are working with local marketers focused on audio advertising to extend their campaigns, creative investments, and ROI through Streaming Radio solutions provided by AdCellerant. Gaining access to the billions of dollars being spent on radio is just the beginning, AdCellerant Partners are now able to provide a more well rounded total marketing solution because of this new access, capturing a larger share of wallet, and providing a more holistic solution for their local marketers.

What kind of targeting are marketers leveraging?

AdCellerant’s Streaming Radio solutions provide marketers with deeper level targeting compared to traditional radio adertising. Now a marketer can more specifically target their audiences reducing spoilage and maximizing their marketing dollars. Targeting includes age, gender, location, musical interest, and/or layering 3rd party data guaranteeing reach of a marketers exact target audience.

Why is AdCellerant the best partner for Streaming Radio?

AdCellerant partners with the world’s largest music providers including Spotify, Soundcloud, AdsWizz, and others. AdCellerant provides access to the largest streaming radio inventory available in the market today making it possible to scale targeted campaigns in hyper local geos. Consumers carry these channels with them at all times via their mobile device revolutionizing audio advertising allowing marketers to reach consumers anywhere they are at any time they’re listening.

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