Location based targeting is evolving rapidly and has very few limitations making real time messaging more powerful than ever. Now you can reach your target consumer in the minutes leading up to an important purchasing decision.

What is Geo-Fencing / Micro-Proximity?

Geo-Fencing and Micro-Proximity is targeting people based on their current actual physical location. If a marketer wants to reach anyone walking the floor of their biggest competitors in real time now they can with Micro-Proximity. Marketers identify specific locations, usually addresses, where their ideal target audience is located, these locations are mapped, and turned into targetable data segments. These data segments are used to target a programmatic advertising campaign across 10,000’s of apps in real time.

How do AdCellerant Partners leverage Geo-Fencing / Micro-Proximity?

AdCellerant Partners are using these advanced targeting technologies to help their local marketers intercept consumer purchasing decisions in real time. With Micro-Proximity and Geo Fencing they can deliver their car dealer clients ad campaign to a prospective buyer at another dealership in real time trying to incent them to visit one more dealership before they make their final purchasing decision.

What kind of targeting are marketers leveraging?

Marketers know where their favorite target audiences are spending time. They know if they frequent competitor locations, frequent certain stores, inhabit certain buildings, or perhaps are spending the day in the next few weeks. With this information marketers are leveraging their target consumer’s specific location information to deliver ads to them while they’re in the target area in real time. Micro-Proximity allows the marketer to deliver an ad impression while the consumer is spending time at an event, on their way to work, getting coffee, and more.

Why is AdCellerant the best partner for Geo-Fencing / Micro-Proximity?

AdCellerant’s focus on quality execution, campaign management, optimization, and using the best technology platform is critical when running narrowly targeted Geo-Fencing solutions. For local marketers these campaigns are fraught with under delivery and poor performance because of the very narrow targeting. AdCellerant’s demand side platform The Trade Desk provides the greatest access to inventory, quality websites, and quality audiences as compared to nearly every other major DSP. AdCellerant’s campaign management team leverages the DSP as well as the rest of the company’s compliment of products to guarantee delivery of the campaign. With an average of 99% campaign delivery AdCellerant’s operations team is proven and experiences at delivering on the commitments made to an advertiser.

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