Connected TV Advertising

With AdCellerant’s Connected TV Advertising a company can reach cord cutting TV viewers that are not available with traditional TV commercials. Connected TV (CTV) is the future of watching video content and CTV advertising is the future of reaching them.

What is Connected TV?

Connected TV (CTV) refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet allowing the consumer to access video content via the internet beyond what they may be accessing with their typical cable subscription. It can also refer to any device that has access to the internet and displays content on a television.

How do AdCellerant Partners leverage Connected TV?

AdCellerant partners often add Connected TV to their digital marketing services product set allowing their sales teams to offer advanced Connected TV solutions to their advertisers. Allowing the sales team to offer Connected TV often gives the seller access to digital marketing budgets that are not typically available to that specific sales person.

What kind of targeting are marketers leveraging?

Connected TV offers targeting via first- and/or third-party data, just like you do with your digital campaigns, to serve ads on the biggest screen in the home.

Why is AdCellerant the best partner for Connected TV?

AdCellerant uses The Trade Desk to access the most robust inventory pool available in programmatic today. AdCellerant’s Connected TV will reach popular TV content owners like A+E, Discovery, Fox, Scripps, and more. Additionally AdCellerant is plugged into premium distributors such as DirectTV, Pluto TV, Samba TV, and Sling TV for Connected TV. The team is also working with Supply-Side Platforms to gain access to new and expanding inventory pools with Brightroll, Rubicon, SpotX, and more to guarantee maximum scale for local marketers.

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