The Importance of Yo-yos and Tricycles in the Workplace

In the past three years, I have come to realize what enables me to be successful in the eternal quest to raise revenue. A kick-ass attitude is the #1 component to leaving the office with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment within the workplace. It may seem like a fairly played out cliché of hearing the “Work Hard, Play Hard” company environment, but it is a monumental motivator in my opinion.

Looking at team morale from the standpoint of a SMB (small to medium business) or a media partner, a genuine connection between various departments and employees on a personal level is imperative. Whether this takes place during celebratory happy hours for hitting your quarter, or simply throwing axes and venting as a team, connection is key.

It is a very simplistic, yet seldomly practiced concept of sincere appreciation for the work that you do and with the characters that you work with. Employees work harder and more effectively when they’re incentivized, treated correctly and also have the ability to make a difference within the organization. Here are 8 of my most appreciated office motivators:

  1. Everyone is accessible. Our CEO sits in the same location as the most recent employee
  2. Opportunity… You can form your own future with infinite room for advancement
  3. Respect for each other
  4. Lava Lamps
  5. Yo-yos/Drones
  6. Tricycles
  7. Dogs
  8. Compensation (I’m a sales guy…)

Work doesn’t have to be work if you are passionate about what you do which makes the lucrative nature of advertising that much sweeter.