Creating a Vision for the Future

Denver In 2014, women were 20% of executives, senior officers, and management in U.S. high-tech industries according to As recently as 2016, 43 percent of the 150 highest-earning public companies in Silicon Valley had no female executive officers at all.

AdCellerant is working to engage the female leaders of the future to make a call to action to change this statistic.

In partnership with SheSays Denver, AdCellerant hosted the 2nd Annual Visionboard Session.

Covered in glue and a plethora of magazines, seventy-five women gathered around one of Denver’s own visionaries to learn how to lead a purposeful life. Local female leader, goal coach, and mama of two, Jacki Carr led the Visionboard session with hugs, humor, and honest intention. Jacki herself is an entrepreneur –she also co-founded, Rock Your Bliss, a yoga and goals movement inspiring and empowering others to live the life of their dreams.

During the event, each woman created her own Visionboard, a physical manifestation of each woman’s conscious (and subconscious) hopes, dreams, and aspiration for her future. Every woman’s board was unique and the energy and positivity from these grand visions were palpable.

Jacki emphasized the power of having a vision to work towards in our lives because our visions take us to a new level of thinking and allow us to transcend the day-to-day minutiae of life:

“The fun of visioning is letting yourself dream and not have all the answers right now. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to get there. It’s about creating inspiration for yourself.” – Jacki Carr

Thanks to Meraki, all attendees received a free, year-long planner to put those visions into action.

It was inspiring to be around other women with big dreams and hear about what is important to them. –Amy F, 28

AdCellerant is becoming the leading voice of women in the workforce. As the 83rd fastest growing company in the country, with a female co-founder, we support the career development of women in the community. We leverage our powerful voice to help motivate change in the industry and to connect women of all walks of life.

SheSays Denver focuses on career development, skills building, and networking opportunities for women in the digital and creative industries. Interested in learning more? Please email Caitlin Logue,