AdCellerant Named a Finalist in Street Fight’s Local Visionary Awards 2016

DENVER, Colorado (October 7, 2016) – AdCellerant, LLC today announced they have been nominated for Street Fight’s Local Visionary Award in the Best New Product category. The nomination places them among the 3 top innovative companies out of over 175 nominations. The youngest company nominated in their category, at just under 3 years old and with 25 employees, AdCellerant is creating and innovating with incredible speed.

The product has a simple purpose–revolutionize the current digital marketplace that is fragmented, confusing and riddled with untrustworthy data. helps a business owner understand the best digital product mix to purchase based on their industry, goals and objectives for each campaign. Then, with a click of a button, it is executed with the highest quality data providers and technology, including The TradeDesk, Google, and many more. The client can then watch how the campaign is performing with the greatest transparency in the industry in a clear and concise reporting environment that provides coherent statistics that a business owner can glean imperative marketing information from. This system takes the confusing world of digital advertising and simplifies it without forgoing the highest level of expertise and technology keeping all campaign information in one environment for ease of execution and efficiency.

“This industry is ready for an intelligent tool that changes the way advertisers purchase media. As a business owner myself, I believe in a system that is easy to use and proves the value of the marketing dollars we spend. will be the future of digital marketing!” Shelby Carlson, Co-Founder and SVP of Sales of AdCellerant.

“We are honored to be among the finalist for this prestigious award, it shows how amazing our team is and how much they have accomplished with limited resources“ said CEO and Founder Brock Berry. “ is revolutionary and every revolution includes a pivotal moment where the power of change over powers the encumbent and completely changes the landscape.”

The Local Visionary Street Fights Awards will be held October 25th at the Street Fight Summit in New York City.

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About AdCellerant

Operating in 184 US markets and 5 international markets AdCellerant is an Ad Technology and Digital Marketing Services company that specializes in executing small business programmatic display, mobile, tablet, video, native, email, and search marketing campaigns on behalf of local media companies. AdCellerant integrates with partner media companies to help train their sales team, sell creative marketing campaigns to their clients, and execute/report on what has been sold to create a dynamic, compounding digital revenue stream.


Brock Berry- Founder & CEO

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