It’s About Efficiency – How Sales and Ad Operations Can Work Better Together

It’s the age-old question – what came first, the chicken or the egg? One cannot exist without the other. This same theory can be said about sales and operations in advertising. To stick with the food analogy, the advertising sales team is the server taking your order at a restaurant and delivering delicious food to your table. On the other hand, behind the scenes, you have the advertising operations team, the chef in that same restaurant preparing the food to be delicious. Both are necessary for any advertising agency to be successful.

Mutual Respect

There are several things that can be done to reach this success. The first and most important thing is shared respect between teams. Both sales and operations want the same thing – to run successful advertising campaigns. Each team may have a different approach of getting there, but the goal is the same. This cannot be accomplished with an ongoing conflict between the two. When each team acknowledges the input and involvement of the other team respectfully, great things can happen. You get more flies with honey.

Good Communications

An ad agency cannot run efficiently without thorough and thoughtful communication between sales and ad operations. The more information sales can provide to the ad operations team, the better. It’s all in the details. When submitting a request for a campaign, offer all the relevant details up front. Audience Targeting, Creatives, URLs, Geographic Areas and in some cases Pixels, are all items needed by the ad operations team to run a successful campaign. If any of these facets are missing, then questions can arise, and important items can get lost in the shuffle. Being clear and concise with the ordering process would nip potential issues in the bud. After all, a server at a restaurant would not submit an order to the kitchen for a pizza without telling the chef what exactly goes on that pizza.

Resolving Problems

Efficiently resolving problems is another vital part of creating and maintaining success in any workplace, and especially in advertising. Fingers can get pointed quickly and a blame game can happen between sales and operations. To use the restaurant analogy, if a customer is served a wrong dish, the server should not immediately go back to the kitchen and blame the chef. At the same time, the chef should not tell the waiter they wrote the order down wrong. Both should work together to get the right dish to the customer as fast as possible. In the end, the customer does not care whether the waiter or the chef messed up. They just want their order fixed and delivered to them as quickly as possible.  The same goes for advertising. The client does not care where or how the mistake was made, but the solution that remedies it, and how quickly this occurs. Mistakes should not be ignored, but instead of reacting negatively, both teams should work toward a speedy and effective solution.

In advertising, mutual appreciation between teams goes a long way. If both sales and operations recognize the work and effort each team puts forward every day, then they can efficiently operate together. Let’s get to work, we’re all in this together.

Written by, Allyson Maness, Campaign Manger