Why should our advertisers work with us?

According to eMarketer, US programmatic marketing will exceed $20B in 2016, double 2014 levels. Programmatic spending accounts for 55% of the display ad market and has trajectory to surpass TV spend by 2018. However, programmatic has generally been lead by big, national brands. But it’s small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that stand to gain the most from adding programmatic advertising to their marketing plans.

What small companies can learn from “Big Data” derived from running programmatic campaigns could help them understand their audience and consumers with sophistication. Major companies like Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and other National Brands have immediate access to this data and can in-turn put their marketing dollars directly in front of the audiences known to interest in their products and services. The value to our advertisers is that we can provide this complicated service and data for them! We can provide advertisers top of the line marketing opportunities with the same technology that these brands use, but with ease.

Digital Marketing can be very confusing, and in-turn, the digital acumen necessary is so-high it’s almost impossible for our SMBs to keep up. They have businesses to run; they can’t be experts in everything. That’s where AdCellerant comes in. We can handle the proposal, the execution and the reporting. Beyond that, we want to be their marketing expert, and can aggregate the data to provide insights for their marketing as a whole, not just their digital products, making sure their dollars are being used where there is the highest ROI.

Many of our advertisers have tried it, and many have had bad experiences. The current digital marketing landscape is riddled with low quality solutions. We have to be able to speak to our differentiators which can provide some credibility and comfort to our clientele.

Best-in-Class Demand Side Platform (Bidding-Engine):

  • Curated and tiered inventory partner selection
  • IAB compliance
  • Algorithmic seller quality identification
  • Site and seller viewability indexing
  • Dynamically maintained site-level block list
  • Dynamically maintained IP blocking

Performance: AdCellerant guarantees at least a .1% CTR on all ordered ad impressions. This guarantee is almost 2x’s the market average according to Google and demonstrates AdCellerant’s commitment to your client’s campaign’s success.

How do we provide a performance guarantee?

  • Premium Inventory
  • Above the Fold Inventory – AdCellerant does not buy Below the Fold inventory to increase viewability and quality.
  • Top sites – AdCellerant prioritizes its campaigns on the top Quantcast 5,000 websites to reduce low quality traffic and low quality inventory.

Campaign Management
AdCellerant provides daily and weekly optimizations to all campaigns working on achieving better performance. The operations team guarantees a .1% CTR (no one else in the industry makes that guarantee). We also use our own proprietary reporting and analytics dashboard that provides great transparency and insight into how we run campaigns.

Leverage Tools – Peer 39 Technology

  • Site viewability control: Control placement according to site type
  • Brand safety settings: Block ads running adjacent to objectionable content
  • Contextual targeting: Target categories and topics at the page level based on IAB Networks and Exchanges Taxonomy
  • Ad viewability forecasting: Anticipate viewability based on page density, screen size, and other metrics

Sometimes it makes sense to focus on the fundamentals when selling these advanced digital solutions. These are the key reasons your solution is better for your clients than your competitors. We should be able to win every competition with our people, tool set and expertise.